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October 21, 2020

Rudy Gay on Lonnie Walker IV: It’s about time to unleash him

People watching San Antonio Spurs believe in Lonnie Walker IV. In the Summer League, he belongs to the top ten outstanding players who participated. He averaged almost 30 points per game. So the concluded that he will be one of the Spurs breakouts stars. But the story never the same as what they are expected. Lonnie barely saw on the floor, limited playing time.

Until a breakout game against the Houston Rockets leading a come from behind double-overtime win. Walker average double-figure minutes until he bench again before the Detroit game. Veteran teammates Rudy Gay believe in him as he throws the first alley pop in transition.

“It’s about time,” Gay said of Walker taking advantage with his superior athleticism. “He is an athlete and he can do it, he might as well start doing it…He is getting better at playing the way we know he can play.”

Gay added about Lonnie’s maturity.

“He is a very mature kid,” Gay said. “It’s just playing basketball. It is nothing like college. It is nothing like high school. And that’s all he did before. You can’t expect him to be anything other than a 21-year-old kid.”

Lonnie Walker IV the 18th pick in 2018 NBA Draft slowly making his case to become the best of his class. He gave the Spurs energy the team’s need.

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