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October 31, 2020

Rudy Gay character is what the Spurs needs when they’re down

Every team needs a veteran like Rudy Gay who never backs down when they’re down. A character who can lead the team into another positive stuff. A man that brings the energy to his teammates. That energy will come to convert into a win or success. Rudy Gay a third-year Spurs who off the bench give team another scoring options.

When we refer to analytic basketball he brings negative into their plus/minus. In a game against Dallas Mavericks, he keeps his team on his back. Down by eleven, he quickly cut the deficit into five at the quarters end in third. Again he hit two huge three in fourth until they run out of time. Gay had one game that missing a lot of shots but never giving up on boards.

The thirteen-year veteran is valuable into the Spurs rotation. That’s why he rewarded a three-year contract last offseason. His effort to make his team becomes competitive is what the coaching staff needs. A forward who’s athleticism is being diminished but becomes intelligent with San Antonio. Use his length offensively or quickness to slash.

Together with Patty Mills, they lift up their team. They are the locker room presence with their guys. Veterans help and act as coaches on the court, giving advice after the time timeouts. They discuss what is right to do in order to win.

The Spurs are very far from a good team we’re expecting them to be. But with the effort of Rudy Gay, they should follow it inspired. They should do this in a group. The young guys could follow his act on the court. Never give up when the buzzer or the clock stops running. The heartbreak for the team can be the best way to start another good run until they figure out to be consistent.

San Antonio is a team who can really compete and make playoffs. They just losing their identity, the San Antonio Spurs basketball.

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