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October 23, 2020

Rudy Gay can made the job easier for Aldridge and DeRozan this NBA Playoffs


Wether he start or off the bench, Rudy Gay, a huge and hard to match up by the Nuggets. Gay was a three or four that can play both positions well. He know where to go whoever guarding him, a big power forward, he will beat them by dribble then put you a smaller guy, he will post you up. Rudy Gay was known for a one on one play back that he can finished efficiently on his shot.

The pressure on Demar DeRozan and Aldridge will be lessen when he can contribute on offense and Gay uses his length to disrupt the passing lane. The veteran can run the floor that put points in transition. Pop can trust him on taking the last shot. Nobody on Nuggets line up can match him.The good thing about him he is not forcing his shot when isn’t falling, as he looks down to find a mismatch or a wide open man in the arc.

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