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October 25, 2020

Rockets want to break up, Spurs proved again that long term investing is worth

Houston GM Morrey put entire rooster available for trade. Before this Chris Paul and James Harden had an heated arguments according to reports. In 2017 they traded good role players for Paul and a game away to dethrone the Warriors before missing 27th straight three point shot in Game 7.

When the Rockets and Warriors faced in second round this year, Houston didn’t take advantage the absence of Kevin Durant. When Chris Paul was healthy for the team. This offseason the team had a lot of questions as they are over the cap for five guaranteed players as they extend Paul last summer for 158 million four year deal.

Meanwhile the Spurs handle their business well. Future of the team is with the young guards featuring Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and Lonnie Walker. While they are gaining confidence with seasoned veterans of LaMarcus Aldidge, Demar DeRozan and Patty Mills.

Spurs scouted every pick they had that can help secure to their future. They don’t settle in a win now mode. This is what fans didn’t understand. Spurs developed a squad of guys to compete for the next decade.

If we compare the Spurs to other playoff teams in the West. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Rockets, Blazers, Nuggets and even the Warriors are over the cap and will face a luxurious tax.


Spurs don’t had any overpaid players, except for Pau Gasol who they find a way to waived before the seasons end.

Spurs build their own dynasty. There was one Filipino fan the approach me that the Spurs can’t afford of marquee free agent. It’s scouting on the draft and overseas are their main focus. The Spurs is carefull on every move they made, the Spurs are underachieving this past seasons but they can figure it out.

The Rockets made Chris Paul a 40 million dollar man a year, they should insured him at Global Medical Insurance for missing games.

People criticise RC and Pop for not actively taking the best player on the market. But if we compare Spurs to others we are always ahead.

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