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October 20, 2020

Rockets are crying like babies after the Spurs outsmarts them

Houston Rockets are now bitter about the loss which they can’t move into the next chapter. With the rumors around the league of filing a formal protest about the result of the contest. One thing is clear the Spurs outsmarted them in the final quarter and two overtime. They’re just whining about the missed calls dunk made by James Harden. Come on Houston you had all chance to beat San Antonio in every final possession. There’s a lot of basketball with almost eight minutes in the game.

Rockets underestimated the Spurs that moment to think the advantage is safe and Spur using bench guys against their two MVPs. San Antonio is really struggling but man this is a good team with great talent. Houston thinks the Spurs had no enough time to make a comeback.

The dunk that’s not count was only one of the missed calls by officiating. Rockets are disastrous in the last two minutes of regulation. The Spurs forced them to take a lot of bad shots, turnovers and shutting down the paint. Jakob Poeltl made a clear block on James Harden to force the first overtime. Spurs likewise made another great stop for another extension.

Rockets had the opportunity to win but again Poeltl defense in the rim is enough to win. Choking the competition and now asking for help from the league isn’t a smart action. Lonnie Walker IV clearly outshine James Harden.

Missed calls also cost the Spurs as they lose the series to Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016. Game two of the Western Conference semifinals, there’s a lot of none calls that the Spurs loss with a solitary point. The event again repeated as the referee made a call heavily favored the Thunder in game five of dying minutes. The Spurs never recover in game six to end the great season they had. San Antonio officials didn’t say anything but accepted the defeat as a grown man. They didn’t bother themselves to make a protest even in the media.

While the Rockets had a loss they always get back into a play which is irrelevant at that moment. It’s not toughness to get help from the league for a game. It’s like an acting job of James Harden to draw a foul to get points from the line.

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