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October 27, 2020

Report: Tim Duncan will not join Spurs in Orlando

According to Don Harris, Spurs assistant coach Tim Duncan will not join the team in Orlando as he was assigned directly to focus on rehabilitation of LaMarcus Aldridge knee injury who also didn’t make a trip with the team.

Early last week, the Spurs team arrived in Florida then was followed by Gregg Popovich. Some players talks to the media with their current conditions. DeMar DeRozan wants to get in shape and he described themselves as a “poodle” after they went for a long break without basketball. Patty Mills will donate his salary to Black Lives Matter in the Australia movement. The squad also makes their first practice since March, assisting them was team assistant coach Becky Hammon while Gregg Popovich watching his team from the sidelines.

The younger players are motivated in this coming eight games which can determine whether they have a chance to the final eight spots or a lottery-bound.

The fans expected Tim Duncan to coach the team in bubble games if Popovich can’t make it due to some restrictions about his age. Also, Duncan made a great job when he coaches the team without Pop. With some adjustments in the rotation that resulted in a win.

The only question is how quickly the Spurs can make a necessary move to make better without Aldridge on the roster which every game counts.

With the icon in charge of his recovery, will the Spurs keep LaMarcus Aldridge in the coming future?

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