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October 21, 2020

Report: Spurs likely to keep DeRozan and Aldridge

According to CNBC the Spurs are not listening to offers of trading DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge. Even with multiple teams asking for their availability. The Spurs are seriously want to take the eighth seed as they had tight battles. With 22-26 the Spurs will start their annual Rodeo Road trip against the Clippers.

DeMar DeRozan a center of attention if the Spurs will trade him. Which people think the Spurs should get something a return from him if he walks this summer. With the way he’s playing, DeRozan’s value in the trade market will not be less than a top ten pick. The Spurs can find good talent in the Draft this coming June if they move the former All-Star. People think the Spurs will be a mediocre team with him. As he gets 30 years old he will eat a chunk of cap space.

With DeRozan, the Spurs had a chance to compete for a playoff spot. Which is right for them because they had young guys who need exposure. The 10-year veteran is the Spurs leading scorer and leads the team in assists. Few big names want to play in San Antonio. They don’t like to sacrifice their career in the small city. The Spurs just found luck with DeRozan who is willing to sacrifice just to play with a city that cares for him.

While LaMarcus Aldridge numbers dropped he’s still a valuable contributor. The big man up his game with his three-point shooting. He’s been fantastic in that side of his game. Although multiples of teams are asking for his availability the Spurs refused to engage. Instead, they fully guaranteed his contract next season.

About this, the San Antonio Spurs likely giving these two veterans a reward. Even the team is mediocre at best. They still remember the sacrifice for the last few seasons of struggle. The Spurs are just in the timeline of their young players until they take over the job. They had good pieces who shows the potential to be great. They need it to start with, but they also need veterans to guide them.

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