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October 22, 2020

Report: Rockets will likely file a formal protest after choking in San Antonio

Image from Spurs Twitter News Source: Jeff Garcia

The game looks over already before it went into a double-overtime which the Spurs completed a rally with 135-133 win over the Rockets. It’s regarding with the James Harden dunk that didn’t count by the referee.

Houston had been optimistic in the wake of the loss that the NBA office would take action without a protest being necessary. However, sources said the Rockets are leaning toward filing a protest to ensure that the NBA office will have to make a ruling.

NBA rules require a protest to be filed within 48 hours after a game. Sources said the NBA office has started conducting an investigation that could take longer than the 48-hour window.

Mike D’ Antoni had his chance to challenge the sequence but instead, he looks content with the current flow of the game.

“They said the ball hit James [Harden] and went back through so it was goaltending on James. I said, ‘I challenge that.’ Then I didn’t get a response. Another guy said it wasn’t goaltending it just went out of bounds on us,” said D’Antoni. “I said, ‘Well I challenge that’ and they said I can’t do that. I don’t know. I didn’t get an explanation. I got nothing. I can’t tell you.”

James Harden spoke after the game and he feels the same way.

“The ball went in,” Harden said.

Officials already issue a statement regarding that matter Houston miss to challenge a certain sequence.

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