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October 31, 2020

Report: NBA could use Las Vegas and other cities to be a playoff host once season resume

With the NBA season suspended due to coronavirus disease, reports that the league commissioners are serious to declare a champion for this season.

“They’re very determined to have a champion,” an anonymous industry source told Marc Berman of the New York Post.

League executives think they can put the games in one place. A fanless, one site, and 16 playoffs teams. The frontrunner place is the UNLV Las Vegas campus, but there are internal talks that they can hold on Atlantic City, Hawaii, Louisville and Orlando as the host city.

“The best-case scenario is looking like a late June/early July start-up with the idea of the 2020-21 season not commencing until Christmas,” Berman wrote.

LeBron James who shared his thoughts in the Road Trippin podcast last week.

One thing you can’t just do is go straight to the playoffs. Because it discredits the 60-plus games that guys had fighting for that position.

... I think maybe one and a half, two weeks of a little mini training camp, and then maybe five to 10 games to get ready for the playoffs. If we’re talking about just finishing the regular season, then you don’t need that much. You could do a week of training camp and then get back into it.”

Source: Bleacher Report

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