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January 24, 2021

Report: D’Angelo Russell will be traded

League executives believe that D’ Angelo Russell of Golden State Warriors will get traded. They believe the Warriors will make a move, not on trade deadline but this offseason.

Although the Warriors politely avoid discussing or leaking details of prospective trades – consistently adhering to team policy – there is no question D-Lo will be traded. But, according to multiple NBA sources, probably not before next Thursday. “It’s possible, but I think they’re smart enough to wait until summer to get serious,” one league source told NBC Sports Bay Area on Friday. “Doubt it,” said another. “The only way it happens is if the Warriors get nervous and accelerate their plan. The old Warriors might have done that. I don’t see these guys doing that?” 

The report also claims that Russell will be traded to Andrew Wiggins. The Warriors signed Russell after a breakout season with the Brooklyn Nets to become the third wheel offensively for the team. Unfortunately, injuries derailed their season as Stephen Curry went down. Resulted to become the worst team in the league.

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