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October 22, 2020

Records show that the Spurs has the best chance to claim the final spot

The NBA Board of Governors approved that the season will resume with 22 teams to be invited that will start on July 31. With a 29-1 vote, only the Portland Trail Blazers disagree. All teams will play eight games each to determine the seedings.

While the Spurs trying to break the record of Syracuse National/ Philadelphia 76ers for 23 consecutive playoff appearances despite a disappointing season. Among 22 teams, San Antonio is the 14th best record when they face each other with 20-28. Even they are four games behind the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis still had the toughest run if they follow the original schedule. The Grizzlies got a winning record only with the Suns with a 3-1 series and 2-1 against the Spurs.

The Memphis Grizzlies had the second-worst point differential. Among teams in the Western Conference from Grizzlies down to the Spurs, the San Antonio had the best record versus the winning teams.

The teams chasing the 8th seed will all be playing mostly teams over .500 from here on out. Their win% vs. .500 and above this season: MEM 0.2857142857 POR 0.3225806452 NO .25 SAC: .30 Spurs 0.3666666667.

With those eight teams who are not invited to Orlando, they lost against the Hawks, Wolves, and Cavaliers twice. They blew five of those games. San Antonio got a better record with 2-0 against the Jazz, they also win in some Eastern Conference top teams. The Spurs also lose a lot of roads game bit without a homecourt advantage this could be favored the San Antonio.

The Spurs are fully healed from LaMarcus Aldridge, Dejounte Murray, Jakob Poeltl, and Lonnie Walked IV. As long as they play great defense the best chance is on their favor. To be consistent is what the Spurs need to make history.

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