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October 27, 2020

Realistic Trade Partners for Bryn Forbes

San Antonio Spurs been quiet about trade rumors if we based on history. The last trade they made is in 2018 of July involving acquiring DeMar DeRozan. For the first time since 1997, the Spurs is in danger to miss playoffs for the first time. They are sitting ninth in the Wes, two games behind the Memphis Grizzlies.

If the Spurs want to improve they need to trade Bryn Forbes to put Lonnie Walker IV more on the floor. This is not the best answer for now to Spurs basketball but this is a good start. Spurs can improve a lot on defensive ends. Lately, Forbes has been showing the worst of his career. If he can’t hit a shot, his value on the court been diminished. A liability on defense that allows finding mismatches.

There are teams who are willing to surrender picks for a sharpshooter. For Bryn Forbes who had an expiring contract, bad match up defensively but can give another option from the arc. Forbes also can create for himself. But his value is worth just for a second-round pick only. A win-win situation for San Antonio. Contenders need depth comes playoff time.

The first team that will likely need him is the Boston Celtics. The third-best in the Eastern Conference now but ranks 18th on three points shooting. They also need another scorer who can give the team another option if their stars caught up with an off night. Forbes can give the Celtics depth off the bench. A good shooter that creates for himself also. Forbes who’s been consistent in last Spurs playoff run against the Denver Nuggets could help either.

Secondly, Philadelphia Sixers that in the real struggle now. Currently sixth seeds in the East. They don’t really have a shooter or scorer behind their own All-Stars. Tobias Harris is struggling. Giving the Sixers another shooter can free up Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid. With the way defense collapse on these two, Forbes can benefit hugely on this opportunity. Sixers are 17th from the arc this season. They are the most dangerous lower-seeded teams. But first by fixing things. Forbes can be a fifth or sixth option offensively.

The value of this trade will not be seen in the return. But to force Lonnie Walker IV into greatness.

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