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October 27, 2020

Ranking the Spurs Best Player


Spurs roster already completed, all fifteen had guaranteed contracts. With two rookies coming, three from free agency. Rudy Gay who with the Spurs last two seasons. Demarre Carroll and Trey Lyles after Marcus Morris back out on his commitment with the Spurs. Davis Bertans traded to the Wizards.

Coming to the training camp, there is no competition for the final spot. Unless Quindarry Weatherspoon impressed the front office and waive one.

Here is the ranked of Spurs player.

15. Chimeze Metu, Center

He played for a limited minutes last season. His games isn’t fine enough to earned minutes. Looks so raw for his position. Plus given the facts that his improvements hasn’t shown in Summer League because of injuries.

14. Keldon Johnson, Small Forward

Picked at 29th was a surprised, supposed to be in top 20. Summer league performanced was a preview that he can earned his name in the league. But the Spurs will likely assign him to the Austin to develop his skills.

13. Luka Samanic, Power Forward

RC Buford traveled to Europe to watch this kid playing. Even Tim Duncan was part of the draft process. Samanic had a great role with the team someday. Even people doesn’t had any idea. That the Spurs will pick Samanic earlier than expected. Like Keldon Johnson, he will take his time also with the G League.

12. Trey Lyles, Power Forward

When Marcus Morris had to think again if the Spurs or with Knicks. And Davis Bertans traded, Lyles was another option. He was buried in Denver bench behind Paul Millsapp and Torey Craig. Lyles was a good player on his first two years with the Jazz. His role with the Spurs is to provide playmaking on the paint. Toughness from down low. He can also give flexibility behind Aldridge and Poeltl.

11. Marco Belineli, Small Guard

The Italian sniper role is still the same. Provide bench points, spacing and shooting. His one of the Spurs member of the 2014 championship run. A mentor to the young roster.

10. Lonnie Walker IV, Small Guard

With the way he performed in Summer League. Lonnie will likely get his minutes and live up to his potential. The second year guard from Reading will give Spurs fans hope. Aside from his hair, he’s ready to contribute by his all around game.

9. Demarre Carroll, Small Forward

A perfect fit to the Spurs. An upgrade 3D guy who can put the ball on the floor to create on his own if necessary. An experienced veteran guy who’s hustle as his main bread and butter. A floor spacer for the team and a great leader.


8. Patty Mills, Point Guard

A vocal leader for the team. Even his production doesn’t look good. Popovich always trust him in the floor. His hustle defense and three point shooting was the team expecting from him.


7. Bryn Forbes, Small Guard

The most consistent Spur last year. His offensive game which the Spurs relied on. Forbes can either start or off the bench. The undrafted guard from Michigan State was the Spurs healthiest player. His game improving year after year. Forbes is not only a catch and shoot but improved his on ball offense.

6. Jakob Poeltl, Center

The team need more from the fourth year player. Poeltl showed that he can produced in a given minutes. Aggressively defending the paint, controlling the boards. A main priority for the big man. Helping Aldridge to shut down the paint. Made hard screen for teammates to set an opening on the lane.


5. Rudy Gay, Power Forward

A good scorer on his position. Gay was the best player in Game 6 and 7 against the Nuggets. Third or fourth option on scoring. Weather he starts or off the bench. A guy who is a mismatch for any team in the league. Gay boost his confidence and looks comfortable with the Spurs.

4. Derrick White, Point Guard

With the huge performance last year. White is eager to proved that against the Nuggets isn’t a fluke. Scoring,playmaking and defense as his arsenal. He is going to continue to dominate at his position. Likely to get a role same with Ginobili to provide depth off the bench.

3. Dejounte Murray, Point Guard

The guy which a jumpshot away to be great is back. As he posted on his social media account his workouts. We’ve seen that he can fix it. The most important position starts with him. From offense to defense,facing likes of Irving, Curry, Lillard and even Mike Conley. If Murray can improved his passing skills and limit turnover, Spur is hard to beat. In years to come, he is expected to takeover the team.


2. Demar DeRozan, Small Guard

Best playmaker for the team last year. Improved his game as a first year Spur. DeRozan who can give the team 20 points per game. They can start with Demar, as he is not forcing his way to the basket. Letting his teammates involved. With him the Spurs can secure another postseason spot.


1.LaMarcus Aldridge, Power Forward

The man who made the team better. He’s battling on every position, down the low. Aldridge also the last line of defense. Attracts double teams to create opportunities. He is the heart and soul of the team. A good leader that can help the young guns while playing in the playoffs.

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