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October 22, 2020

Ranking Spurs Draft Picks in the last Decade

Selecting good players in the late round isn’t a simple task. The Spurs did this in 20 years, 30th pick, 29th pick and so on. The good thing is they had the perfect scout in the world. Spurs never missed it, so even if it is in the late rounds or second round they found a gem to compliment Tim Duncan. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and the rest is fruitful season for the Spurs.

Since 1998, the Spurs picks between 20-30 in first round, the highest they’ve got is Lonnie Walker IV in 2018. Some of them is yet to make a game in Spurs uniform as they called a “stash draft” overseas. Even google market can’t figure it out how the Spurs do this consistently.

There are guys who’s grades is incomplete as they yet to play in Spurs uniform or they got waived. Nikola Milutinov, as they selected 26th overall in 2015. Livio Jean Charles got waived in training camp in 2017 and even James Anderson in 2010 where injury derailed his potential.

8. Chemieze Metu, 47th pick in 2018

Metu a developmental project for the Spurs. Played in limited minutes, a shot blocker in college. He is the only second rounder who had guaranteed contract for the Spurs. If the guy can improve his midrange and basketball IQ then he can be another good steal.

7. Lonnie Walker IV, 18th pick in 2018

The kid from Reading showed a lot of potential in limited minutes. Walker IV a perfect prospect after Tim Duncan who can do on both ends of the court. In three years, if he continue to grow with his potential. The better things for the Spurs.

6. Dejuan Blair, 37the pick in 2009

Blair, despite an undersized 6’7″ center he recorded a double-double on just his first game. The first since Duncan and Robinson posted in their rookie year. The big fella played 288 games in Spurs uniform, played full 82 games in his rookie year. Blair the first rookie since Tim Duncan had 20-20 game, it’s against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He also named as a Second All Rookie Team. In 2012, with the addition of Boris Diaw and increasing playing minutes for Tiago Splitter, Blair playing time reduced. In 2014 he left the team and almost help the Mavericks upset the Spurs in first round who lost in seven games.

5. Cory Joseph, 29th pick in 2011

Joseph a primary back up to Tony Parker. He had his great moments for the Spurs in 2014 playoffs. The guard from Texas Tech was an example by Popovich after they loss in Game Four of the West Finals against the Thunder. Joseph made an emphatic dunk over Serge Ibaka. He did his things when Parker out of injury.

4. Derrick White, 29th pick in 2017

He made his dues on his second year. With Dejounte out for the season and Spurs two best premier defender traded. White lead the team defending the perimeter. He also had an explosion in Game three of playoffs. With him, he made again the PATFO a genius. Derrick White, a big part of the future. The Colorado native prove that he can play on the high level of competition. White can score on one on one using his height or strength.

3. Kyle Anderson, 30th pick in 2014

Nickname as a “Slow Mo”, a guy who had success even no quick first step or not an athletic freak. With his breakout year in 2018, he improved on all of his statistics. Anderson who can pass at his sized, then can score well. He made his teammates better. Anderson shoots 53% from the field. Scoring 8 points, 5 boards ,3 assists and stealing the ball 1.6 per game.

2. George Hill, 26th pick in 2008

As a favorite of Coach Pop, Hill was a defensive stud in Black & Silver. In just his second season, had a 43 starts as Parker getting injured. Hill led the Spurs to upset the Dallas Maverick in first round. Defensively, he had his moments with Kobe Bryant. With his value rise up, the Spurs traded him to Indiana. That picks now was Davis Bertans who help the Spurs spacing the floor.

Top of the list, Dejounte Murray 29the pick in 2016

When Popovich starts Murray to takeover the point guard duty. He live up to the billing. He is the Spurs future, they will build unto him. Dejounte had 48 starts and he led the team defense. He earned a nod as a All Defense second team. A raw kid who had potential that can put the Spurs on top.

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