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October 31, 2020

Predicting Statistical Leaders this 2019-20 Season

The 2019-20 season is on our reach in the coming days. The Spurs will start their new run if they can make the 23rd straight playoff or expert prediction was right about missing it.

The team is in full gear before the season start, and ready to make a depth run. I predicted here who will lead in every statistical number. So here it goes.

DeMar DeRozan, Points

Last season Aldridge leading by a hair over DeRozan. On this season DeRozan seems to look comfortable in the system on his second season. Then Dejounte Murray returns from injury and his playmaking duty means DeMar DeRozan will focus on scoring. With the reports that he is working on his shooting and the result was good. It could add the three on his attempts that Gregg Popovich addresses him last season.

Lamarcus Aldridge, Rebounds

Nobody can take this away from him unless the Jakob Poeltl usage rate is the same as the All-Star big man. Aldridge will look to dominate the boards averaging nine per game. The big man All-Star positioned himself inside to battle in the boards as he also leads the team in offensive rebounds. Aldridge is the big who still relying on his prowess inside.

Dejounte Murray, Assist

The point guard is back having enough weapon he can lead the team in assists. DeRozan leads this numbers last season. But with a most likely improved point guard, he will average 6 per game. With the top scorer of the team, DeRozan can move without the ball Murray can find him cutting the baskets. Plus his skills who can zip the line will help him to get his numbers.

LaMarcus Aldridge, Block

The block which leads by him last season is till belong to him. Aldridge was a huge force in the paint. He will still anchor the defense for the Spurs. He will average at least two per game. The team had two premier defender of Murray and White opposing players will hardly get their points in the paint. Aldridge still athletic to run or chase somebody to defend the rim.

Dejounte Murray, Steals

Being a defensive genius Murray will lead this category. He had his active hands in the passing lane. Murray can pickpocket to anybody. Playing good defense using reach advantage can lead to turnover and steals. Before he was drafted by the Spurs defense is already his strength.

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