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October 27, 2020

Predicting Spurs next five games

The playoffs race for the Spurs is getting closer as 19 games left. With 27-36, 12th in the Western Conference and four games behind the eighth seed. With one of the easiest schedules left better than the Memphis Grizzlies.

The next five games for the Spurs could be a deciding factor if they can advance at the postseason once the suspension lifted. Here could be their records as we presumed Spurs all healthy.

vs Denver Nuggets

The first match they play, Spurs blew a 25 point lead. The game that Spurs dominated all game. They can’t find a way how to stop Jamal Murray in the final quarter as he explodes. This time, as the season on the line assuming Spurs, are healthy they could take a win. With a good rotation on young guys with Keldon Johnson in the mix, the Spurs will limit Nugget’s wings. With a healthier LaMarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl, Spur’s frontcourt will dominate Nikola Jokic. The game will be playing in San Antonio, the Spurs had an advantage as they learn on their own lesson.

vs Timberwolves

San Antonio Spurs lost with their first two meetings. But that time, the Spurs had a rotation crisis. With Lonnie Walker IV having quality minutes together with Keldon Johnson the team has a good chance to win. The Timberwolves roster in different than the first time they meet. An obvious tanking for the remaining season with Karl Anthony Towns is still in doubt if he’s coming back this season.

vs Grizzlies

The fourth and final meeting for the team’s who wants the last playoff spot. All three games are blowout which Memphis had two wins both on their floor. This time could be in the Spur’s favor to take a win. Again a good rotation lately for the Spur can help them to win. A good defense to JA Morant by any of the Spurs perimeter defender can help them. With Rudy Gay slowly back on his form, the Spurs can tie the season series.

@ Pelicans

The last they meet, it was an exciting game for the last minute of the game as Zion Williamson make a run for New Orleans. With games of experience from the rookie, the Pelicans can win this time. Lonzo Ball is baling with his three points shooting. While Brandon Ingram will continue to be consistent with his production. Zion Williamson will be unstoppable this time as he will overpower Spur’s frontcourt.

vs Bulls

The first game was very close until the final buzzer. They traded baskets on both ends with the final seconds until DeRozan missed the second free throw to tie the game. With the Bulls had to put their scoring guard Coby White into the starting line up. With a healthy LaMarcus Aldridge who misses the first one, Spurs will easily win this game.

This five-game stretch is the easiest for the Spurs. With a fully healthy and well-rested Spurs, a 5-0 could be possible. The 4-1 is the most realistic, a 3-2 will be the worst one.

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