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October 22, 2020

Predicting Demar DeRozan 2019-20 Season


With his first season in Spurs uniform, he filled the stat sheet with his 21,6,6 per game. He did this with his relentless attack of the rim. DeRozan who is learning to one of the best systems in basketball. Improved his passing skills and rebounding. Even the Spurs roster is still on experiment mode due to injuries.

Demar DeRozan attempted the fewest three of his career and converted it into 16%. This just one of his weaknesses offensively. With a healthy Dejounte Murray and Derrick White, the team expects him to focus on scoring. While still making his teammates better.

A team who is yet buying threes, they will rely more on ball movements. Cutting to the rim when DeRozan attack the lane. The Spurs had plenty of guys who move without the ball.

With a player option in the next offseason, expect Demar DeRozan to prove he is an All-Star talent. It’s a success on his just first season and he can do more than they already knew each other. With the boost on the perimeter defense, he will save himself more on offense.

Even putting huge numbers compared to others who played his position who named as an All-Star. DeRozan without a second thought will be an All Star comes February.

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