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October 23, 2020

Popovich: Matt Bonner should get fired

The Spurs legendary coach Gregg Popovich speaks to the media about the LaMarcus Aldridge injury update. As he missed five consecutive games with a finger injury.

Popovich says LaMarcus Aldridge got his finger caught on the net while practicing with Matt Bonner. That aggravated his shoulder injury. Doesn’t know if he’ll be back for Cavs. Jokes he wants Bonner fired.

The San Antonio Spurs went 2-2 on that stretch which they lose against Indiana Pacers as they dominated by Domanatas Sabonis in the paint. The Spurs look helpless even in the first half against the Brooklyn Nets. DeAndre Jordan and Jarred Allen look like a superstar as the Spurs relying on Trey Lyles and Rudy Gay as a center. Drew Eubanks playing limited minutes.

Add to another insult, Jakob Poeltl is out for the next two weeks or a month. After having a bad fall in the opening minutes of Indiana’s game. The Spurs in 11th seed out of the playoffs with 22 games left and down big at Barclays Center.

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