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October 31, 2020

Pop sometimes a stubborn but if you wish him out then, F___ you

Yeah, it’s Gregg Popovich cost the Spurs loss last night against the Rockets. When the Houston roaring for a come back with 6 minutes left in the game, Pop had one of the worst rotation again. Marco and Bryn on the court together look like a gimme. Popovich refuses to let Jakob Poeltl play more than 10 minutes when the team needs defense in the third quarter. With Lonnie Walker IV had struggled on offense called for charging, he let Marco’s in. But Walker had a +7 in a total of 10 minutes. While Belinelli went zero made shot in the fourth.

For Gregg Popovich, he had some questionable minutes contribution this season. Also, those mistakes cost Spurs games a lot now with 10- 16 records. He’s solidarity focus is on who’s the guys had the ability to knock down the shot. Instead of going to the best defensive rotation of Murray, White, Walker, Aldridge and Jakob. He relies on Belinelli to be specific most of the time. Pop rarely uses Demarre Carroll yet I didn’t see him playing lately.

It’s frustrating to lose games when the chance to beat them is highly possible. But if you talk to take him out then it’s not a good idea. The man who gives the people of San Antonio and fans around the world to shout loud for. A great man who helps the franchise to raise five banners. If you say it’s all about Tim Duncan and the brilliance of Manu and Tony you’re wrong. Popovich put a piece to the program to be successful in two decades. People also went crazy at the start of the 1999 season, but Pop figure things out and they won. The same thing here only Popovich can fix thing by himself, maybe the Spurs are the underdogs but they will give a hell of a run into your money if they get a spot in the playoff.

Respect this man, if you attach yourself to Kawhi Leonard then come with him. Popovich stays with the Spurs even his man Duncan retired. Did Phil Jackson do these things with the Lakers when they’re on rebuilding? Only Pop stays to make the franchise better even it will taint his reputation. Common guys shut up and keep faith on Popovich because he did also the same thing with the young guys.

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