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October 22, 2020

Player that be likely to get cut, that Spurs can look at

With the NBA draft lottery already done. Then the draft night in June’s next thing to do and the most awaiting free agency. A lot of big names in free agency big board with the likes of Durant and Irving and four All Stars this season. Then teams had a candidate who they will waive to create cap space.

These players was useful before or had an amazing run in playoffs. Then the other team signed them and the production already slipping. Others maybe can’t stay healthy or not fit in the system they run.

Here are the guys that can still useful on other playoffs or contending teams.

Courtney Lee

Dallas Mavericks will likely offer a max contract with Kristaps Porzingis. With Lee salary and already 33 years old, then with the appearance of Dorian Finney Smith who can play Lee position. The veteran will be likely out of rotation.

Then he can give contenders a tested 3 and D who can help them. Lee a 39% from three and defending his man very well at perimeter his service is likely to be needed. A total of 50 playoff games since 2009 with a run in the Finals in Magic uniform defending Kobe Bryant. Started 41 playoff games, he already proved that a job for him is still their. Just avoid a final aleyoop play on him and he will miss it.

Allan Crabbe

As he didn’t played a single minute for the Nets in playoffs. Crabbe will likely done with the team. With Joe Harris and Rodions Kurucs playing well and much cheaper, Crabbe will get cut. Add a run for another max player for the Nets, who will be pair to D’Angelo Russell the teams priority.

With his skills as he can space the floor, he can’t wait too long to play for a team that need his service. He converted 39% of his three and 42% from the field although his production slipped offensively with the Nets.

Dion Waiters

A go to guy with the Heat 2 years ago, but now can’t stay healthy. In his three seasons with the team, he only suited for 120 games.With his demands earlier for playing time after coming back from injury. Josh Richardson likely a future as a shooting guard with Dwyane Wade retirement.

Waiters proved that how clutch he is. A good scorer off the bench or can start in any team. He only played 18 games in the playoffs, but his energy was so important. Waiters know how to play with his role and can come up clutch for any giving moments. As he can make plays for his teammates.

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