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October 22, 2020

Phil Jackson made a dynasty with some greats while Gregg Popovich built an empire that nobody believes to win

Two of the great coaches Hi win multiple titles. Phil Jackson got 11, six from the Chicago Bulls leading by Michael Jordan while the next five is in Los Angeles Lakers with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant as his main man. While Popovich got five in San Antonio. People who watch them are on the debate if who could be the greatest. Both guys also got roles in the front office. The two coached the best basketball players on the planet. But there are things that Pop achieved that Jackson failed to do.

Bestmansports podcast host Jay Barra made a bold take on why Popovich is the greatest.

One coached an already prime M.J, then went on to coach an already prime Kobe and Shaq.. the other built an empire in a city that they said would never win a title. POP THE GOAT.

Phil Jackson takes over the job when Michael Jordan already established a team to contend. His guys are in their prime which they win two-three feat. Then the same thing with the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. While Popovich takeover a rookie Tim Duncan and a 32-year-old David Robinson with a couple of undrafted players. Pop is the big part to select Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker to help the San Antonio Spurs win four more. They’re unknown when they went to America. He takes chances to Bruce Bowen the undrafted journeyman to get a role in the Spurs three titles. The Spurs genius did it in two decades of winning in a small-market franchise. Which team owner is conservative to take a risk to spend millions of dollars unlike the big markets like Chicago and Los Angeles. People give no chance to small-market teams to win.

Gregg Popovich coach a bad team after Kawhi Leonard requested to be a diva, while Phil Jackson didn’t coach a bad Kobe Bryant team. Pop still managed to win with an old Big Three against the best players in the world. The Zen Master system failed to put success in the modern era. It only works with a certain player while Popovich finds a way to be relevant in modern basketball.

The other one that Popovich advantage over Jackson is coaching three. Phil had Brian Shaw as his disciple but failed to put their teams on top. Of course, there’s Ty Lue that win with the Cleveland Cavaliers but after that he’s fired. While coaches and front office jobs in the league are coming from the mastery of Spurs coach. Mike Budenholzer, Doc Rivers, Brett Brown are among others together with those general managers in the league. These guys made significant improvements to every organization they ran.

Gregg Popovich is the boss of the Spurs mafia and nobody argues while Jackson can’t handle the Shaq-Kobe feud. Pop praised his colleagues while Jackson gets jealous of Spurs 1999 championship ran.

The Spurs coach is one of a kind that people can’t understand the importance he influences a person or an organization.

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