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October 27, 2020

Perfect Free Agent that the Spurs will likely chase


With three free agent was unlikely to come back to Spurs next season. The team will need depth off the bench. Guys who will bring toughness when gaining minutes on the floor. With limited cap space, unless they can make to move Patty Mills contract or some of Davis Bertans. Then the Spurs will likely had a shot with tier NBA free agent.

When free agency starts on July first, the Spurs will likely have their own list of preferred one. Here they are that can help the team and Spurs can really afford.

Taj Gibson, Center

Lack of depth in the paint was one problem for the team. Their rotation Jakob Poeltl and LaMarcus Aldridge, with no third option. Enter Taj Gibson, a proven veteran and his toughness. He can start or off the bench. Lot of playoff experienced, he know how to handle pressure. Also got a nice midrange which perfect for Spurs half court offense.

Garret Temple, Guard

A 3D guard, who can defend best perimeter player. With his 6’7″ height, he uses his quickness against bigger opponent. Paying on minimum contract isn’t bad for the Spurs for what he brings. Temple playing well with the Sacramento Kings until got traded. He can also give a better perimeter result on offense.

Jonathan Simmons, Guard

Spurs discovered JSimms, with a great upside on defense and very good offensively. The last time he played with the Spurs, defending James Harden in NBA playoffs and drawing offensive foul. On his final year of his three year contract. Who played in Orlando Magic and traded to Philadelphia Sixers this February trade deadline. He was burned on the bench and not playing any quality minutes this NBA playoffs and will likely to be waive with only 1 million guaranteed. He already knew the system of Popovich. Spurs where going to welcome him back anytime he wants with less than what he was asking three years ago.

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