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October 26, 2020

People likely to pick Tim Duncan over Michael Jordan to start a franchise

Both guys are proven winners with multiple titles in one team that drafted them. Michael Jordan got six in two-three peat between eight years. On the other hand, Tim Duncan got five in six tries. Five MVPs for Jordan as Tim win twice. They could be locked as the best in their position. No doubt they are the top five best in the name of the game.

People considered Michael Jordan as the greatest but they will likely choose Duncan over him. Outside of winning, Tim Duncan sacrificed his ego for the greater good. Nobody in the league talking smack about Duncan. There are some of them like Shaq who’s been jealous of Tim’s achievements. Fellow players teammates or opponents respect him. From Hall of Famers to unknown guys they got nothing but a compliment. While Jordan’s former teammates talk against him and even Scottie Pippen got hurt about the documentary of the “Last Dance”. Good chemistry with each other can give a long term success. The success of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili made Tim special. They’re good players but in other franchises, it’s high in doubt they can do it for a long time.

Tim Duncan never argues with his coach and teammates. Never get engage in any fights with opposing players except for Joe Crawford. Spurs legend never bother by distractions, unlike Jordan who made some fights within the game. Add that he also fights with his teammates in practice. Tim accepts criticism from his coach while Jordan is the boss of his own. His nemesis like Isiah Thomas hates him, while from Duncan the like of the late Kobe Bryant and legend Dirk Nowitzki praised him all the time.

Timmy didn’t accept more jobs to focus on his basketball things. Only got a three word Foot Locker commercials.

A franchise needs a man who takes care of his guys. Tim Duncan played with the end of the bench players. He applauded for their good plays even it’s in garbage time. Duncan never put himself into another level, he communicates with them. Jordan loved by fans because he wins, while Timmy loved him as a person. He’s a leader to his peers, he trusts even a 10- day contact guy. Did you see Michael Jordan talk to the 15th man on his team? That’s why Tim win with an old David Robinson and unknown Parker and Ginobili. The Spurs also win with a 38-year-old Duncan.

To build a perfect franchise you need a guy like Tim Duncan that can work for a group to get the greater goal. Every athlete had work to do to help the franchise win. Tim did not only win but made people around him better. Executives around the league mentioned ” Thank you, Duncan, we’ve got a job”. Nobody heard of thanks MJ.

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