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October 19, 2020

People disrespecting DeRozan on the lack of success but praising on guys who joining superteam, shame on you basketball fans

DeMar DeRozan back on his day in Toronto Raptors they had a good run to accomplish a lot. People degraded this kind of success as they beat mostly by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. DeRozan Raptors lost to fifth seed Brooklyn Nets in 2014, again in 2017 they upset by John Wall led Washington Wizards. The worst is in 2018 Eastern Conference Finals after getting swept by LeBron James Cavaliers as the Raptors being a top-seeded team. All these defeats put on DeRozan’s shoulders. Public opinions will say oh he will never be like LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard.

The Spurs become an eighth-seeded and loss in the playoffs. Then for the first time in two decades, San Antonio has a losing record for almost 90 days. Then what people will say again is ” oh common he’s DeFrozen the Spurs will not win with him, he doesn’t play defense, choked in big moments”. We judge his efforts when final scores show. Never get credits for the hell of a job to help his team get better.

But we praise players who join super teams with a handful amount of talent. First LeBron James who went to the Miami Heat to formed one the greatest team. Four straight finals, two titles later. Then when he thinks the Cavaliers had good enough to make a run came back and signed, traded rookies for a guy he wants to team up with him. Another four finals appearance with one title. After his stint with the Cavaliers get signed with the Lakers, trading young assets to acquire Anthony Davis. Then being a top seed again he thinks the talent around him isn’t good enough seeking another trade. Oh, people that were your greatest player of all time.

Same with Kevin Durant he had two titles, two finals MVP hitting big shots in the NBA Finals. We praised for what a heck of a job he did. But we forgot what team he got signed in the free agency. A full loaded team who wins 73 times prior to the season he joined. We also had Kawhi Leonard who we dubbed the next Michael Jordan. But rumored says he asks for Paul Goerge help.

How disgusting people to choose who’s to praised and who needs to get roasted. We never put on ourselves is these guys can really win if never joined a proven team with a proven talent? We think they are as tough as your mind influenced by the media. But no, mentally they can’t get out of competition needs help to put them in a position to get success.

While DeRozan fighting on every challenge he faces off. He’s the modern version of Reggie Miller who will play whoever his teammates are. Accepting every moment on the court he wins or not he’s not backing down. That’s a toughness that’s what to be a great basketball player need to do.

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