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October 21, 2020

Paul Pierce revealed his all-time clutch five

Former Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce share his thought about the five all clutch in the league. All the Smoke/ Showtime Basketball he talks about these guys are proven winners on their careers.

Here is the list which Pierce selected.

Michael Jordan

The greatest of all time proved that his clutch of all moments. The last title he had with the Chicago Bulls is an iconic shot that he hit daggers to the people of Utah Jazz. Michael Jordan didn’t pass the opportunity to take the last shot. The six championships with the Chicago Bulls speaks a lot.

Kobe Bryant

People talk about his mamba mentality which never doubts to take a big shot when needed. That was Kobe Bryant’s ego, he fights to win the game no matter how bad he plays the whole night. He takes his pride in playing the most important possession. The one if his clutch moment run is in the first round of 2006 NBA Playoffs.

Larry Bird

The most popular white player in league history. It produced three titles with the Boston Celtics in the 80s. Larry Bird’s soft-touch help his case, not only offensively but the defense he made. The most well-known is the steal he made and his guy made the shot after Bird misses his won shot.

Magic Johnson

The best point guard in the history of basketball. Magic Johnson made a historic run with his career. When Kareem Abdul Jabbar got injured, Johnson played the point center. Then he made an iconic hook shot against everyone on the Boston Celtics squad.

Dywane Wade

Back on his prime, the flash is a clutch of his moment. Arguably the best shooting guard, not names Jordan or Kobe. With his moment, he made a lot of clutch in the 2006 NBA Finals to win their first title.

For Paul Pierce, he always had a share if clutch on his career and one of the best Celtic ever after Larry Bird.

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