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January 24, 2021

Paul George is becoming a diva, no idea about what Kawhi did in San Antonio


Paul George made his comment about why people in San Antonio booed Kawhi Leonard. Unlike what the Raptors did in his return when he was fully welcome. The All-Star said the mentality of the small market may be the difference. This guy had nothing to say but all good things to his teammate. All he did is to defend his man.

The truth is George had no idea what he Kawhi did to people of San Antonio and fans around the world. He quits on Spurs badly, they made a perfect drama on their way out. Spurs fans are classiest in the world. They’re proud of every guy they had in the past. Avery Johnson who coaches the Mavericks in 2006 that eliminates the Spurs in thrilling seven games retired his jersey in San Antonio in 2008. Even rivals like Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki had a standing ovation on their last game in AT&T. Did somebody read in the news or social media Spurs fans are talking trash? Even role players we made them a hero when they return to San Antonio. The Spurs had fun when Boban Marjanovic is in the city.

This is their own way to express disappointment to Leonard. The Spurs beat him badly in San Antonio twice after he departs. I am defending the San Antonio people even myself yet to watch a single game. Yes, I’m from the Philippines but my obsession since I watch Tim Duncan against the Jason Kidd Phoenix Suns never fades. I witness the Spurs legend on TV, the Emmanuel Ginobili before he called Manu draining the threes against the Philadelphia Sixers. While Tony Parker slashing the lane with his teardrops.

San Antonio Spurs’ front office is the best in the world and nobody comes close. So there’s no reason the management desire is for themselves only. Remember they made Tim Duncan sat in the playoffs of 2000 to preserve the future.

Paul George should focus on his hype team to make them better. He’s becoming of a diva. George forgot that when he gets injured in 2015 these fans prayed for his fast recovery. Just live up to the expectation because in the last three years he can’t carry his team. They need to have a good run or else he could be another All-Star that doesn’t have a huge triumph.

Kawhi Leonard can have his smile now against the Spurs who are finding their own identity. But the Spurs is becoming better. When that moment comes when the young guys had steady improvements they can compete. With this load management he had, the Spurs will catch him up and the revenge much sweeter.

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