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October 25, 2020

Paul George can say whatever he wants but he can’t fool a real Spurs fan


Paul George put another dumbest story that he wants to be a Spur in 2017. The guy on paper looks perfect for the team, he can give 25 a night and one of the elite defender in the league. The Spurs looks scary if this scenario comes true, two elite two way player on one team with the greatest coach in the name of sports. The only questioned is who the Spurs will give up? We know that San Antonio never been really involved in any major trade unless somebody quits. Spurs’ front office will not give up the old ass Manu Ginobili as a gimme to get Paul George. They give importance to the player who committed to stay with them except Parker who played in Charlotte for his last year. San Antonio is the only franchise to did the best things to our old ass legend. They don’t like a rival Houston Rockets who forgot Hakeem Olajuwon on his 40’s and let him sign to the Toronto Raptors.

This Paul George claim isn’t true because we all know that he came from Los Angeles. It’s an open book that when he becomes a free agent he will sign with the Lakers. Don’t forget that Magic Johnson and the team fined by the league for tampering on George. He loves to be in a Laker uniform until the trade-in Oklahoma City Thunder comes and he chooses to stay after the season. He signed a five-year max contract for the reason that LeBron James is in the Lakers. The former champion is an egomaniac, we can’t count the trade deals when LeBron James played for a team. Then he waited for his time to make a trade request when Kawhi Leonard quietly recruiting him to the Clippers.

Paul George is a great guy but his leadership will be questioned. He didn’t take Oklahoma City to the next level with his two years in the league. They had two first-round exits against the young duo of Lillard and McCollum. Prior to that they also lose to the young Utah Jazz with Donovan Mitchell as a rookie. His last year in Indiana Pacers is another first round exit with a swept by Cavaliers. That time Eastern Conference is compose of weakest team in history of sports.

Then he also said he is a Clipper fan since his young days. Come on! Man don’t fool us. I only remember the Elton Brand Clippers who reached the second round before losing to Phoenix Suns in seven games. That year was 2006 and the rest of it the Clipper are unknown. Only Donald Sterling made the Clipper popular. George is another diva-like his current teammate now.

Never in a single second, you wish to be a Spur.

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