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October 27, 2020

Patty Mills: It ‘s a silent dinner after the game six of 2013 NBA Finals

Fans at the American Airlines Arena are near the exit lane. The trophy and the ceremony are about to start with the Spurs taking the lead with less than 30 seconds left. But change everything in a second with every mistake the Spurs did in the final 28 seconds. First, Manu Ginobili split the free throws Spurs lead at five. LeBron James made a three, foul and Kawhi another split.

In a podcast with Woj, Patty Mills discussed what happens that night.

The conversation steered to the 2013 and 2014 NBA Finals. Wojnarowski asked what Mills remembered about the Spurs’ Game 6 overtime loss to Miami. “I still feel like it happened last week. I remember the game. The free throws. The offensive rebound. The corner three,” Mills said. “The yellow rope on the court to block the fans. To all of a sudden, the Larry O’Brien (trophy) being rolled back off the court and the yellow tape being taken off.” via RJ Marquez @

After Kawhi Leonard split, Spurs’ advantage was just three. LeBron James missed a game-tying three but Chris Bosh gets the long rebound and found Ray Allen for a three. The game went to overtime which the Spurs lost by 3.

Mills discussed the feeling afterward in the locker room and at dinner that evening. “It was an Italian restaurant,” Mills said. “It was a silent dinner. I remember not many people talking, just trying to comprehend what happened and making that effort to reset.” via RJ Marquez @

The Spurs lost an epic game seven but they are motivated right away the next season. Then the rematch they won by double figures in a beautiful way. Beat the Miami Heat in five games with the largest advantage in the game of basketball.

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