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October 27, 2020

Patty Mills is a Spur except of his contract


A vital part of the Spurs run in 2014 NBA finals, he got his reward the next season where he signed for a big contract. In last five season, he played at least 80 games for the Spurs. A back up point guard for Tony Parker that time.

He can score well in three as he converted 39% of it. A pesky defender of his size, a good leader for the young Spurs. He is the last member of the 2014 title. I know Marco coming back who also with the Spurs in 2014. Now leading the team with a “coffee gang” group.

As per Jabari Young “Mills will be a Spurs”, yes Patty Mills is a Spurs by blood. His energy that he brings every play is what the teams need. With the 2014 NBA Finals, he stepped up in third quarter explosion.

That was the time that the Spurs Big Three played together. That they can dominate opponent at both ends of the court. But this time Spurs All Star can’t consistently dominated the game. They need a help, a big help and they can look into it by open some cap space who will start with Patty.

Team now need contribution on everybody if they played on the court. As league now changing where superstars joining another superstars for easier competition. If our young guys can take a high leap this season then it’s good.

Patty still fit with the team, but the salary that the Spurs gave to him few years back was a mistake. Organization giving too much reward for our guys even they don’t contributing well. An example of Pau Gasol who was signed a three year contract. Made the team realized that they paid him too much, as now the Spurs taking a burden of 6.7 million guaranteed salary. A big amount to chase somebody who can fit well with the team.

Don’t get surprise if they trade Patty Mills to chase big names in free agency.

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