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October 21, 2020

Patty Mills: I’ll stay with my No. 8 to honor Kobe Bryant

With the tragic death of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant at age 31 with the helicopter crashed some NBA Players change their jersey to honor the icon. The Dallas Mavericks will not wear the 8 or 24 to honor the five-time champion. Recently, Spencer Dinwiddie changes his jersey from 8 to 26, Quin Cook from 2 to 28.

While Spurs veteran guard Patty Mills had different ideas to honor Kobe Bryant. He will not change his jersey no. 8, he’s own way to respect the legend.

” I think if i was to honor him with a number, it would be to represent the number” Mills said via Tom Osborn.

Mills who pick No. 8 after Portland TrailBlazers drafted him in 2009 as a way to tribute to his uncle who also wore that number.

“I think it’s great,” Mills said on player changing their numbers to honor Kobe. “Any way that you honer he is fine” Bryant who used No. 8 on his first 10 years in the league and 24 for the other 10 years.

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