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October 24, 2020

Patty Mills Brings Clutch, Shooting, and Leadership in San Antonio

The longest-tenured Spurs guys show why he is in San Antonio for the last seven years. Patty Mills plays big at the moment the team needs somebody to step up. Scoring 26 points with a final clutch shot in the remaining 0.4 seconds of overtime.

The clutch shot he made is like the same he made against the Lakers last year. The handoff by Marcus Aldridge to set him up to be open. Mills has been fantastic at the end of the game most of the time. Popovich gives him the final play and he delivered.

The Spurs rank in the bottom in shooting three. With Mills on the court, it raised. He isn’t afraid to take the three earlier on the shot clock or there’s a hand on his face. The three he made when the Suns made their own run put the Spurs on top. The Spurs backcourt is limited outside of the paint. These guys don’t shoot most of the time from three. That’s why Patty Mills is very valuable to the Spurs rotation. Cleared the lane for Spurs slashers like DeRozan or Dejounte, Lonnie or even White.

The leadership Mills brings in the team is undeniably meaningful. When he committed a turnover in overtime he never gives up. He follows his man and went to steal behind. Calmly down the court then take a wide-open three. It’s a great composure for a veteran.

People keep on questioning why Patty still in on the court every time the team’s loss. If you think he is bad defensively then you’re wrong. Mills is a pest despite his lack of length. No tracker of statistics can track what Patty brings on the court.

Mills is a proven performer who wins a championship with the Spurs five years ago. He doesn’t care about big names he faces. It’s not he had hot hands that time against the Miami Heat. The presence of mind to take over the game is something special. This thing what Popovich wants to learn by the Spurs young guys. Be accountable and never back down every time you down.

Patty Mills led the Australian team in the World Cup who is a second away to the gold medal match before running out of gas in double overtime.

Patty Mills on the court together with Spurs’ future is a big help in their belief. That’s why Popovich keeps him on the Spurs uniform. Maybe now the Spurs looks like an average but the bright future is ahead of the team. These youngs need a Patty Mills for their own inspiration.

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