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October 22, 2020

Patty Mills: Australia is proud of you

When the Spurs losses, Patty Mills is one of the guys we need to trade. But again, the guard from Australia made another stellar game that helps San Antonio Spurs to record another win. He made seven threes to help San Antonio’s run in the third quarter. Had 27 points in just 14 shots only. Popovich trusts him to close the game instead of going into the best defensive team.

The guard from Australia provides the must need leadership from Mills. It’s expected because he is the one who played the longest in Spurs uniform. In a close game like they played in the last six appearances, Patty Mills played the most in the final quarter. He’s been the guy in the last two wins they had.

Patty Mills from a towel waver at the end of the bench in 2012 to be a hero of the 2014 title run. He just rewarded a contract extension by the front office despite will surely miss a handful amount of games with a shoulder injury. After the multi-year contract again the Popovich extended him for another four years. Which people believe it’s not should be given because there’s a regression on his production.

The importance of Mills will not be shown on the box scores only. He is a locker room presence that very crucial to Spurs’ success. For now and the future. A mentor to young guards like Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, and Lonnie Walker IV. These three defines the current Spur and the future.

Patty Mills defines Australia, the NBA has Been Simmons of the Sixers. A big part of their own current core who will compete in the Eastern Conference. Joe Ingles who is buzzing his name because of the juggernauts he made against Paul George in last year’s playoffs. But still, Patty Mills is the most successful among them.

Mills put Australia into another level of basketball in any kind of competition. Same what he made with the Spurs after the big three retired. Mills take over that role to help the franchise become competent in the near future.

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