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March 2, 2021

Patrick Williams is the most realistic pick for San Antonio

The Spurs will pick at 11th in the upcoming NBA Draft that rescheduled in November. As the Spurs missed the postseason for the first time in 23 years, the highest pick they had since Tim Duncan in 1997. The Spurs must address their frontcourt problem as they don’t have depth. LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t getting younger and on the final season of his contract. Jakob Poeltl will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. The amount of money that the market will offer him could determine his future. So another huge talent from the paint could help the real needs in case both guys mentioned above left San Antonio.

One of the most intriguing prospects that fit the San Antonio Spurs is Patrick Williams of Florida State University a freshman who played power forward. A 6’8″ guy with 6’11” wingspan that could play four or five positions. A modern big man that fits today’s NBA. Williams isn’t a big-time scorer but it can improve vastly with the Spurs organization. The big man is known for his shooting range which he converts effectively. His touch from the arc looks great. Patrick Williams can create on his own, he also knows how to read the defense which he can make a dribble and pull up at the midrange. A good secondary ball handler that’s why he got great passing skills. For the current trend, it’s always a good advantage when do you have a passing big man. Although his finishing skills are still in question and must be addressed but not really a big concern. At his size, Williams is a dog for fighting offensive rebounds. It will give more chances to scores in a high percentage attempt.

Patrick Williams’s defensive impact was one of his assets. He’s got a toughness that he could match up with some bigs in the league. The team could rely on Williams’s willingness to help his teammates when they got beat by a defender. It was a great defensive team in San Antonio if they can put it together.

If Patrick Williams selected by the Spurs at the 11th pick, they will add another weapon both ends of the court with the most upside. A young kid is full of energy that loves to do everything in court. They want to prove they belong. But in San Antonio, they guide everyone to be more successful as a player.

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