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October 27, 2020

Owners want to start the NBA draft on August

With the NBA season still in question, if they will resume or cancel, NBA owners are united to start the NBA draft on August 1. Regularly, the draft is in June after the lottery in May.

On the other hand Woj reported:

Reporting with @DraftExpress: As information gathering on draft-eligible prospects remains limited in a pandemic, many NBA teams are united in hopes of encouraging the league office to push the date of the June 25 draft until no sooner than August 1. Story soon on ESPN.

Currently, the Golden State Warriors having the best odds to pick a number one. This could be the highest they had after getting Stephen Curry eight overall in 2009. Anthony Edwards is the consensus top pick overall.

Some of the best prospects are LaMelo Ball who played in Australia, James Wiseman which draft stock is falling after he cut his stint with the Memphis Tigers in just four games. Obi Toppin of Dayton Flyers rising up on every mock draft that could make him number one. Deni Advija of Maccabi Tel Aviv is the top international prospect.

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