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March 2, 2021


Teamwork is what really needed in basketball, you need to have a better teammates to win. A guy who was never afraid to face everything. In NBA, super teams created by using free agency, they accept even if its less just to play with the best chance of winning championship.

There are great players who stayed in their team to compete with the best. Others, find way to escape. Look at the players who can’t win with their own if they build on another team.

Draymond Green, Center Forward Golden State Warriors Three Time Champion Defensive Player of the Year

So how? Yes he is great and won the DPOY. What makes him useless is that, if he is not with the Warriors, his passing ability will be limited. With three stars around him who can shoot off the dribble or cutting thru dirty screens, it’s easy to be a playmaker. Overall, he is not a threat in offense, but he is worst with his forward shooting jump shot. Defensively, he looks the best, because of the line-up they had on the court, and if he is guarding smaller than him, it’s easy. Right?

Kevin Durant Two Time champion MVP Two Time Finals MVP

So how about this one, Kevin Durant was one game away to beat the historic 73-9 Golden State Warriors. Having a lead at the end of third quarter, blew it up and lost to overtime in Game Six. In free agency, he signs elsewhere. You summed it up and see why he can’t win at his own.

Klay Thompson Three time champion He shoots anywhere in the court, without dribbling the ball. Give him the ball and let him play for himself, he can’t do that. He needs his teammates to focus on double teams or screens and he will be effective on offense. This man who talks “nothing” but can’t stand on his own. He don’t take a burden when they lost, it Stephen Curry because the Warriors can win without him.

The No. 2 in Toronto Two Time Defensive Player One time champion Finals MVP Once you quit by faking an injury, enough said.

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