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October 22, 2020

Other Fans we don’t need you here should book a flight with Canadian Airlines


A year ago, I meet with my friend to take a lool for a true Spurs legend when he visit Philippines. The real best perimeter defender in a Spurs uniform. My friend ask about the rumor if I do believe. We didn’t argue because we don’t believe on anything about the media said about him demanding a trade.

JB Takboleros, Camiling Tarlac

We are confident that this guy is a perfect Spur. And everything the problem that made the fans confused will be fix. Then in July, the trade happened an exchange for DeRozan.

The organization has been betrayed here as well as the fans. I feel that this guy quit with the team badly. The San Antonio Spurs want him to be healthy. Paid him 18 million for playing 9 games, then you will say the Spurs didn’t want your best interest.

Yes he had the best fadeaway since Kobe. But he don’t had a character to guide. Okay enjoy your time ballin’, together with your fan.

For those so called Spurs fans who’s still with him. Don’t tell us to move on, we got hurt. Then you need to leave the Spurs group or silver and black. You choose your guy, and he is in Toronto now. So pack your things and book a flight with Canadian airlines and cheer with him.

Even he is five times better than DeRozan in terms of talent. The Spurs aren’t worried, they won in 99 against the Knicks without a talented point guard.

You guys got fooled by that number 2 in Toronto. We doesn’t care about his achievements outside of Spurs basketball. Hopefully he comes to West next season so the Spurs can kick his ass 8 times. Four in regular season and another four comes playoff. So for the fake Spurs fan, be happy with him until he quits again.

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