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November 26, 2020

Only the Spurs can help themselves to get better

The trade deadline is over which San Antonio did all but sleeping the whole day. Teams from contenders to lottery made a deal, swapping players to picks. Even the Cleveland Cavaliers get Andre Drummond so easy. Los Angeles Clippers made a great effort to have depth comes playoff time by acquiring Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Morris Sr. The Memphis Grizzlies turned Andre Iguodala to be a Justice Winslow and a pick. But enough Gregg Popovich Spurs don’t really make midseason trades which six years ago was the last time.

Not all trades will work out, it’s only a good on paper but different things when they perform. It could be boom or bust. Even taking picks, there’s a lot of bad young players in the league because of the developmental process.

When it comes to excellency the Spurs is second to nobody and not even close. Yes, they’re struggling right now but the potential of the pieces they had is what the league should aware in coming years. Without the DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs are building with Jakob Poeltl (25), Dejounte Murray (22), Derrick White (24), Lonnie Walker IV (21), Luka Samanic ( 20), Keldon Johnson ( 19). These kids are not only young but very good offensively, good shooters, and skilled defensively. They define all five positions in the league although they’re still raw offensively it’s just a matter of time that all them to get on the level that everyone expected.

The San Antonio coaching staff are working for their asses to make these guys better. The Spurs had the history in the league to make everyone special. From role players to All-Star, from undrafted to become a starter the Spurs did it while the league is watching. Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili who’s irrelevant comes the draft night to be a lock-in Hall of Fame. George Hill to become a crowd favorite and Spurs hero at 2010 playoffs. Same with Kawhi Leonard who made by Spurs become a good to great until the stupid guy. A lot of undrafted, being cut and late rounders became a regular rotation guy in NBA.

The success of these players is credited to the Spurs process and development staff. If not for Kawhi Leonard saga maybe the league is still catching San Antonio. People acting like the Spurs didn’t make a move to surround him, but he had LaMarcus Aldridge despite had inconsistency. Young players like Dejounte Murray, good quality back up Rudy Gay. The Spurs doesn’t rely heavily on free agency, it’s on strategy in the draft that yearly makes a good story.

With the mentioned of guys above, if the Spurs can add good veteran players, they can really learn fast. The experience they will gain is a huge advantage than the others. They can do it by extending DeRozan or in a sign and trade and look for free agency. There are few big names this July but Spurs can have on their list. With the expiring contracts of Bryn Forbes, Marco Belinelli and probably by trading DeMarre Carroll they can have enough by keeping Jakob Poeltl. They can also add good rookie in the June NBA draft either they make or miss the postseason.

There’s some truth with the teams refuse to help San Antonio because of that preeminence.

The proven track record is a warranty that Spurs are going to be better faster than we thought. Every team who dominate the league had down years, only the Spurs made it in two decades. If the Spurs miss it, we’re good lottery-bound. Once we make it, we’re better our guys will add fuel to their game.

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