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October 27, 2020

Only Pop can fix the Spurs woes not the tanking or trade

When you suffer losing rumors will start to circulate. Trades, firing, and others to fix a struggling team. For the Spurs case, they don’t need these things only Pop can change the fate of San Antonio. It’s on his hands to make the team better. When we watch closely Spurs never been a bad team.

With Pop, he can fix this with a proper rotation to his personnel. Let these guys play like of Carroll who averaged just 10 minutes in six games. Lonnie Walker IV who had the guts to play on his role. If he let Murray and White play more together or on the court, they can help the team first defensively. The four who mentioned can really make an impact on the team.

Trade is not an option here, they will break the chemistry that they started. Only figuring it out how to be useful on each and every one. Trading means new teammates who need adjustment to be made. Spurs don’t need to shake up things, they need to play consistently to be better. A full 48 minutes to dominates game that no more need of crucial stops and clutch basket. The Spurs loss because they aren’t bad. Trade is giving up an asset that can help the future for this young Spur. Remember this season is just a start for them to get them better. The Spurs are better than their record shows.

Tanking isn’t a guarantee to make a team better. For only a season I think it’s a risky thing to do. First, you need multiple years if you want to get better. See the Sixers, they had multiple of it. They just don’t lose games but also quality players. The Spurs will not do that. They are good enough not to take the gamble of young prospects. There’s no another Tim Duncan or David Robinson in college today. Prospect, for now, is raw and played only one season then enter to pro. They still need to work for their game in the NBA. Tim Duncan is a ready prospect after his second year in college but still chooses to stay more and when San Antonio gets him he is already perfect.

The gamble for tanking in exchange to get pick first isn’t worth. There is Anthony Bennett’s case, even the Andrew Wiggins scenario is still a bust thing.

The Spurs are in a bad light but when Pop put his nasty on the court they can surprise all of this guy in the league. He’s the only one can motivate his guys to play a better full 48 minutes. Of course, he can do these things when he starts to give minutes to guys who can really help the team.

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