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October 30, 2020

Only aggressive LaMarcus Aldridge can make the Spurs better


The big man from South Texas leads the Spurs for the last two seasons. Even its all first-round exit, a good indication the team can rely on him to build around. Aldridge is an All-Star in the last two seasons for San Antonio and an All NBA talent in 2018. The Spurs offense is focused around him, he touches the ball every possession. His midrange is smooth which he relied heavily on to score.

LaMarcus Aldridge had great numbers on Spurs four wins this season. He averages 21.5 points in 50% shooting, 8 boards, 1.8 assists, and 2.3 blocks. While in three losses he didn’t reach in double figures twice. The big man had an abysmal game shooting 32% from the field with 9 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2.3 blocks per game. Although this is a long season many things need an adjustment and will change.

The Spurs had a great chance to win games or deep in the playoffs if LaMarcus Aldridge will demand it more. In the game against Atlanta Hawks where his teammates can’t find a way to score. Aldridge didn’t make any move or demanded the ball in the paint which he can impose his will. The perimeter will get open if he is a factor inside. Come on man, get the ball inside. He’s an All-Star because he is one of the best big men in the league. Anthony Davis making buzz now with the Lakers, Nikola Jokic still making his case the best big man, or Joel Embiid is the future together with Karl Anthony Towns. But Aldridge is still ahead with some of them, he is an experienced battled man and tested.

Spurs who don’t rely on shooting more threes need to work their ass on the paint. They don’t have enough shooters outside of Mills, Forbes, Bellinelli, and Carroll. Which the three had weakness on defense and the last one was sitting on the bench. He’s a veteran that needs to lead the young Spurs to play the right thing every possession. If he keeps on this level of play the Spurs maybe and eight-seeded or seventh at best and another first-round exit.

The midrange is good, shooting threes is common in this league nowadays but inside the paint is the most efficient thing to score. His willingness to play defense is second to none. But his lack of will to win the battle was highlighted most of the time. The Spurs didn’t guarantee his contract next year to give the team subpar performance.

The team needs him more than anybody, his effort on offense to make his team better and better until they face the great battle.

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