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October 24, 2020

One defensive play against Zion means a lot for Murray and the Spurs

The preseason game against San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Pelicans was featured Zion Williamson. With his team on a perfect 4-0 record. Destroying his man while putting huge numbers. But there is one play that ESPN, NBA TV, and other media didn’t show the clip for us.

So what this really means for the Spurs and Dejounte Murray.

The youngest All-Defensive winner in the history of basketball doesn’t afraid to challenge everybody. Zion Williamson is an athletic freak of nature. On the first look, nobody can stop him, with an intimidating factor. Outside the arc, he is still limited, on the perimeter he still raw but on the rim, he’s a beast without a doubt. He showed it so far but in one play with Murray. Zion looks to seal Dejounte but the point guard jumps straight and blocked his shot. In his young career, Murray had a battle with the best players like LeBron James one on one defensively.

The impact of his defense means a lot to the San Antonio Spurs. He’s best is yet to come on the defensive end. The Spurs will not worried about his offensive downside if he can consistently stop opponents. The kid isn’t afraid to take a risk on his body even coming from an injury. It can add fuel to the team who lack fire and leadership from a couple of years ago.

The second thing is the media will continue to hate the San Antonio Spurs. Of course, Zion is the favorite. They never let this play show up on any of their tweets or news. They want to keep Zion is the best prospect ever and they want to protect their investments.

When did the media give love to the Spurs? This coming season they projected San Antonio to miss the playoffs after made 22 straight seasons. Others think the Spurs will barely make at eight spots. They hate Popovich when he walks away from a reporter in Australia. ESPN hates him when he gives a one-word answer. DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge didn’t get the respect they deserve, unlike other All-Stars.

When you put their guy who put cash on their bank on a shame expect the hate.

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