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October 27, 2020

Nobody can question Popovich as a risk-taker

We are really aware of this Gregg Popovich rotation. We think he causes a lot of these losses because of putting bad personnel in the most important part of the game. But we can’t deny the fact how good he is when he did a great job against the Sacramento Kings. When they are down he put Marco Belinelli and Patty Mills in the fourth quarter replacing Lonnie Walker IV. It’s a disaster defensively but things work out.

No coach in this league can gamble as Popovich did. It’s a gut to rely on a veteran which his size is been outmatched. On a guy who is worst defensively in the league as a whole. Instead, they made a lot of crucial stops. Marco Belinelli made a clutch three to put the game into overtime. While Dejounte Murray, despite his four turnovers in regulation and overtime he’s still in the game. This was the first time Murray made a lot of responsibility to finished the game. It will give him huge confidence in going through.

The other night with the big win over the Rockets. Popovich put Patty, Forbes, Lonnie, DeRozan, and Jakob to make a comeback and win the game. Now is very different and of course, people watching will think this will be worst. The combination of Patty, Marco, Dejounte, DeMar, and LaMarcus is bad. Only Murray excelled in defense but threw the ball most of the time. That was Pop is doing relying on the leadership of Patty Mills. This is what analytics miss in terms of basketball. With the veteran guard in the court, they are calm when down nine less than two minutes.

Gregg Popovich played a guy who barely deserves to get his minutes. With Mill had a good game. He also thinks Marco’s hitting that night. Pop tried to ride with these two shooters and went it right.

Being a risk-takers can make blow your mind the way he coached. But for Pop, the guy who outworked the others clearly get the minutes.

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