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October 30, 2020

No Shanon Sharpe “that guy” isn’t a Dynasty destroyer and Spurs Dynasty is still alive


Sharpe had his rant that the No.2 guy from Toronto destroyed three dynasties. The Spurs, Heat and now the Warriors. That guy, was part of the Spurs who dethroned the Miami Heat. He also won the Finals MVP, third youngest.

No, the win over Miami Heat was a team effort. In Game Five, where the Spurs down in double figures. It’s Manu Ginobili who starts the run, when nobody can stop LeBron James. Then in third quarter, Patty Mills led the run to extend the lead. When the Heat make a run and fighting for survival, Tony Parker can’t missed a shot in fourth. The No.2 guy is a good player but he can’t finish his job.

The Spurs still competing, even they exited in first rounds for two consecutive years. The Spurs is healthy again. Even DeRozan a guy who the Spurs get from exchange of the No.2 guy. He don’t had a playoff success in the past, but he can help the Spurs.

The Spurs can win at all, add the Kevin Durant injury. Western Conference is wide open to anybody. The Spurs not begging in free agency to save them. Perfect scouting, patience and charactered individual.

With their picks in the last three years, the Spurs made it again. Dejounte Murray, a jumpshot away to be an All Star. On his second season, he already an All Defensive team. Derrick White made his opportunities this playoffs. Lonnie Walker IV is a playing time away to be great.

Spurs will made another run to the Finals. It’s faster than we expected.

The No.2 guy isn’t a killer, he’s a special talent. But he isn’t a killer, it’s shows in Game Five against the Warriors. After he scored 10 consecutive points, he fall. In a championship play he’s to passive. Didn’t used his advantage, he passed the ball on dying seconds. He refused to take it on his own.

So don’t argue of something that the Spurs loss a lot when this guy demanded a trade. It’s a little setback for the team. And their fate is still on their own hands.

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1 thought on “No Shanon Sharpe “that guy” isn’t a Dynasty destroyer and Spurs Dynasty is still alive

  1. I don’t ever remember Shanon Sharpe ever saying that about Kawai! He’s a complete Spurs fan and agrees that the Spurs have a really great team of guys and said it was about rebuilding and it wouldn’t destroy us. Hence I’m a huge Spurs fan. He said all along that we would still make it to the playoffs and caught a lot of crap about it.

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