Newest Spur played his best games against the San Antonio this season

The newest member of the San Antonio Spurs Gogui Dieng played his best games against the San Antonio when he played for Memphis Grizzlies. The center had 15 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and a couple of blocks on their second matchup which played in San Antonio. Dieng also made 2 three-point shots out of three tries which help his team to win a 17 point game. In the next night of a back to back, he made another stellar performance as he shoots 8 of 10 from the field after totaled 19 points, which is perfect from the arc of his three attempts, grabbed 9 rebounds four was offensive, as he adds an assist and a block as they win via blowout against the Spurs. The seven-year veteran was been solid this year for his role as he averages 7.9 points per game, 4.5 rebounds, 1.3assistst while shooting 52% and 48% from the arc.

Gorgui Dieng  19 PTS 9 REB: All Possessions (2021-02-02)

After the Memphis Grizzlies played him 22 times this season, he got waived and claimed by the Spurs. He could be the upgrade replacement by the Spurs after they bought out LaMarcus Aldridge. Gorgui Dieng will likely right behind Drew Eubanks, but he could take over when he can fit with the Spurs rotation. The big man was been solid in his role, he’s never been an option on offense but he can put up buckets with the opportunity on the glass or the midrange. This season he shoots 79% around three feet from the rim. Gorgui Dieng has been solid from the midrange or near the three, which Jakob Poeltl has been lack of. With this kind of big, it could get some openings from the Spurs guards and wings to attack the paint. It will give them more options on the shooting which few Spurs big men are doing, he could be the best shooter behind Patty Mills. The best thing about Dieng was his proven defense as he puts a 107 defensive rating with the Grizzlies. Without Jakob Poeltl on the floor, the Spurs suffered on giving too many points around the rim. There’s no solid shot blocker or rebounder that can give the opponent more second chances to score.

Gorgui Dieng  15 PTS 7 REB: All Possessions (2021-01-31)

The big man from Senegal also added that he’s a good fit to San Antonio ” I am a defensive minded and I can shoot threes. I feel good. I dont have an issue. I am a role player and, in fact I would say I am here to serve the team. WHatever way the coach wants to use me to help the team I am willing to do it.”

Bobby Marks of ESPN also praised the Spurs after coming to sign Dieng ” I would’ve taken Gorgui Dieng over LaMarcus Aldridge, and I think I would’ve taken Gorgui Dieng in LA over Andre Drummond. I think he’s the perfect role player as far as what teams are looking for, and I think the Spurs upgraded.”

The LaMarcus Aldridge era in San Antonio was over after more than five seasons. The big man helps the Spurs reached the West Finals in 2017, he has also been the All-Star under Spurs uniform twice in his career. The big man now signed with the Brooklyn Nets.

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