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October 25, 2020

New Orleans Pelicans should not bother of Zion

Expecting the the Knicks will win the draft lottery but it went otherwise and the Pelicans win. Zion Williamson said he maybe made a comeback to Duke, means it is not appealing to him to play with the rebuilding Pels.

For the New Orleans Pelicans, they should focus on other things on how to build the teams future. With Anthony Davis still demanding a trade, they can explore their options. How the team will start, and with whom.

Zion talent is a question when he will competing big guys. A talent who rely on atheliticism as an undersize. I can’t give him a confident to start my franchise with him. As he shows some soft on him. He want to be Knicks for what, to sell jerseys?

A true warrior doesn’t care who’s with him. He will compete whatever happens. That was the Pelicans need to start. With the pick they had they can still trade with the return of good player and a future pick.

About Davis, they can trade him to the teams that can give them a best asset for the future.

The franchise will not start with Zion, it will start with the front office.

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