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October 27, 2020

NBA Worst Draft Class: Produce the Best of All Time

Images from SpursDynasty Page

Drafting players is own way to build your franchise by adding the best talent available. The highest you got the best chance you can take a win. But not all on the top or top prospect can translate your franchise into a contender. Others called steals if found it on the second round or later in the first round. There is no perfect scout ever, prospect failed to live up on hype via injuries or team success.

The 1997 NBA draft is one of the worst class NBA ever had. First overall is Tim Duncan from Wake Forest and drafted by the Spurs. Then what can you say about next to him Van Horn he had decent stats but he is a journeyman who bounds on five teams for eleven seasons. You can say this draft is a miss after you drafted Tim Duncan, they don’t have a steal on a later round. Tracy McGrady had a decent career but lack of winning and injuries is the highlighted one. Chauncey Billups is a Finals MVP and some decent success on playoffs but it is his sixth team in the Association, the original team drafted him never gain to his talent. Even Tracy McGrady, the Raptors let him sign to the Magic in free agency where he made his name.

This draft class only made three All-Star players (Duncan, McGrady, and Billups) and made five players who had a championship (four of them in Spurs Duncan, Daniels, Jackson and Vaughn and Billups in Detroit). Only Stephen Jackson made a great career on the draftees as a second-rounder. Celtics got two first rounder 3 and 6 but failed to deliver success to the team.

This draft is unfair for other lottery teams who didn’t get Duncan. They draft on top 10 but the prospect isn’t worth it. It is a bit of luck for the Spurs and how Tim Duncan change the team’s fate in two decades. Worst ever, but still produce a player that may be a TOP 10 of All Time, second to none in his position. Best teammates forever, a hero for his team and a humble of All Time.

How bad this draft maybe, but if we look at Tim Duncan he is a success. He is once in every generation talent that can provide you a title, a leader, sacrifices. Without demanding whatever he wants for himself it’s all about the team’s success. Nobody created a drama on his tenure, he never fights his teammates or argues with his coach. Never look at himself as a boss even his front office said they are working for him.

A man who is loyal to his city, you will be missed for sure by anybody. Teammates, opponents, friends, coaches, and fans who love and owe to him.

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