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October 31, 2020

NBA Trade: Why the Spurs need to move Davis Bertans


A tremendous shooter which he lead the league before the All Star break in three point percentage. Underrated defender and a passer on his size. A popular one to be a part of Spurs future. Then suddenly his effort defensively was overpowered comes playoffs time, then he can’t really find the basket until he sat out for the next two games.


Davis Bertans on his final contract that can be move. As the Spurs need every penny to resign Rudy Gay.

The top choice for him to be move.

Davis Bertans trade to Sixers for Jonathan Simmons

Simmons a diamond as we called when he played for the Spurs. But then looking for a bigger contract, signed to Orlando Magic and traded to Sixers. Where an obvious one that he is not part of the Sixers future. The Sixers need a stretch four that can space when Joel Embiid in the paint and when Ben Simmons looking for a wide open man. Bertans could be a cheap insurance once JJ Redick leave or Tobias Harris want to play on another team.

For the Spurs as Simmons already been here two years ago. He can help the young second unit, defensively he is the best. Offensively he is not afraid too take the outside shot or driving to the lane.

Spurs traded Bertans for Stanley Johnson

The Pelicans are not going to extend Stanley Johnson, which the Detroit Pistons already traded him. With average of 7 points and 4 rebound he can help the Spurs defense. His quick hands can disrupt the passing lean and he is a physical object bodying opponents. Then not bad playing with his brother.

Davis Bertans and 29th pick for Taurean Prince

There was been a romured before that Prince will be move. The Hawks are seeking for a first round pick, that they will use to move up this NBA draft. As their unwillingness to pay Prince could lead to a split out.

San Antonio Spurs is perfect for him, he can start at three that can space the floor. A fit to DeRozan play where he is looking for shooters when breaking the lane. Prince a valuable one that Spurs willing to pay him and part of the future.

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