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October 31, 2020

NBA Score: Celtics dominated the Cavaliers, Brown, and Tatum could be the next best duo

The Boston Celtics are all about basketball since the start of the buzzer. They lead the Cavaliers as much as 20 points in the third quarter and never look back. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum had a total of 64 points with 10 from the arc. The Celtics duo did it with only 39 minutes of staying in the court. They improved to 22-7 second in the Eastern Conference and third-best in the league.

Boston Celtics started the season playing well unlike the last year who struggled most of the time. Even they lose two key players they are red hot. The Celtics replaced Kyrie Irving with Kemba Walker who let his teammates share the spotlight. The ball movement is fun to watch as they averaged 30 assists per game. Unlike with Irving who loves the isolation which make Tatum and Brown a spot shooter if he pass the ball.

For years Celtics had best depth in NBA as they had an option with Kemba Walker, Gordon Hayward, Ends Panther, and Marcus Smart. Five from the Celtics scoring in double figures per game, three of it average atleast 20 points. They had another three guys who can score for seven points per game.

Brown and Tatum is just under 24 year old only and starting to blossom into their career after a disappointing season last year. They’re young and athletic, can jump of the court, both dangerous scorer in any part of the floor.The worst for an opponent they are also excellent defensively. Celtics beaten the Raptors, Sixers, and the Bucks the best in the East.

These two guys are starting to carve out their name in the league. The more years to come they will become lethal and unstoppable. The glory days for Boston Celtics is real.

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