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October 20, 2020

NBA Playoffs: Spurs vs Nuggets, A good match up for LaMarcus Aldridge


First time for the Spurs that their were no Duncan, Manu and Tony in the playoffs after 21 straight years. But Gregg Popovich still coaching the team, as a seventh seeded for the second straight years. LaMarcus Aldridge was the best player for Spurs, as many don’t expect they can make in this NBA playoffs. He can have an advantage with Denver froncourt as we look.

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With Nikola Jokic as a starting center, a slow footed and questionable defense. Paul Millsap, teams best defender was too small that Aldridge can push him in the paint. He is physical hard to stop. If doubles come he can kick it out to wide open shooters.

If Mason Plumlee guarding him he can also bring him outside using his mid-range. The offense with Aldridge involve a lot, the chances are better for the Spurs. Denver defense was not great specially in the paint.This time Spurs lone All Star can show the league why the Spurs are threat with anybody. Aldridge will be the reason why they can upset Nuggets. Since last year the Texas native was clearly the best player for Spurs.

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