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October 26, 2020

NBA Playoffs: Rudy Gay time to shine


Series was tied and going back to Denver for game 5. With the last four games, the Spurs come up with a double digit lead. They had a great match up playing against the Nuggets, one guy who is still want the Spurs to be consistent, it’s Rudy Gay. In two losses, Gay didn’t have confident on everything he is doing on the court. An awful performance, the latest one is in Game Four, he looks hesitant, he didn’t move without the basketball. Gay has been fantastic with the boards but can’t secured it or not imposing his will inside.

With his length and quickness, a mismatch to watch. When guys like Millsap or Plumlee, can use his feet from the outside. With smaller one, a simple post up. Gay 12.5 points in win and 2.5 points in lose.

This guy was the fourth best of the team and need to come up and produce like Pop expecting him to do. For sure this moment will be his time. This is the moment to produce big time in must win for the Spurs. The faith of Pop to him is still intact.

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