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October 29, 2020

NBA Playoffs Preview: Bucks vs Celtics, Battles of MVP and Talents

The Milwaukee Bucks, a surprise team this season with Giannis Antetokoumnpo, an MVP candidate and will likely to win. They will face the star studded team of Boston Celtics which is led by Kyrie Irving, the resurging Gordon Hayward. This could be fun to watch. Celtics defeated the Bucks last year in NBA playoffs and confidently will do it again now. But, is there someone on Celtics team that can stop Antetokoumnpo?

The Greek Freak was unstoppable, with his length and standing 6’10”, by using his quickness, nobody in Celtics can stop him. Bucks line up now are different and better than last year. Much improved Eric Bledsoe who has been out hassled by Terry Rozier in 2018 NBA playoffs. Even the Celtics line up are healthier than ever, but they struggle all season and even need to get injury to Victor Oladipo to secure a home court advantage in first round.

The Bucks really improve with Brook Lopez who is shooting well and can be a threat inside. Kris Middleton, first time All Star can create his own shot by dribble or on a catch and shoot. The bench for the top seeded will play an integral part. Nikola Mirotic, Dj Wilson, Sterling Brown and George Hill, this team was stacked with Giannis. So we can say Bucks in 7.

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